NJHS closes the year with fun activities


Courtesy photo

Briley Campbell and Riley Andrews set up field day activities for National Junior Honor Society.

Bellwood-Antis eighth and ninth grade National Junior Honor Society students and seventh and eighth grade Leadership members helped with the Elementary Field Day, May 31.

Students led elementary students in a variety of activities inside: tug-of-war, giant jenga, crab walk soccer, Angry birds, beach volleyball, and others in the morning. They led outside games in the afternoon including kickball, whiffle ball, giant parachute and bubbles.

The students did a great job keeping the kids involved.  It was a tiring day as the temperature reached 90 degrees.  Eighth grader Lily McNelis’s commented that she believed the kids were having fun and she enjoyed spending time with them.

Onn Wednesday, 23 NJHS members made their annual trip to Hershey Park. They arrived around noon and stayed until the park closed at 7.

The weather was beautiful and the park was not as crowded as usual.  Lines were about 30-50 minutes so many students were able to ride several roller coasters throughout the day. Ava Conway said her favorite Roller Coaster was the Jolly Rancher Remix.  Alyssa Briggs thought the Great Bear was interesting.