Teacher feature- Mr. Mackereth


Mr. Jim Mackereth is the industrial arts teacher and Scout Club advisor in the middle school. He also teaches senior seminar in the high school. Mr. Mackereth has taught at Bellwood-Antis for twenty-nine years and taught at Mercer for one year prior to that. Before being the industrial arts teacher, Mr. Mackereth taught agriculture for twenty-one years.

“First of all, Mr. Mackereth is an outstanding teacher who relates well to his students. He has a real knack for allowing kids to learn a lot while still having fun. Were lucky to have him here,” said middle school principle, Mr. Wagner.

When asked about his educational philosophy, Mr. Mackereth said, “Students are expected to do their best. I expect to do the best job I can for them.”

Mr. Mackereth first started out working in business. He worked for the Perdue Chicken Company.

“I was born and raised on a farm. I couldn’t continue to work for Perdue because the farmer always got the short end of the stick when they had a problem with the company. I would rather help people then make money off of them. That’s why I became a teacher. I really feel that I can help the students.”

“I continue to teach at BA because as a parent and a teacher I have realized that when you live here long enough you can help create a good community in and out of the school. The school and community must work together.”

Because of Mr. Mackereth’s background and experience he decided to be an industrial arts teacher over a core class teacher.

“Living on a farm blessed me to be able to work with my hands. I love to be able to help kids learn this way.”

Mr. Mackereth said that his favorite part of being a teacher is the “Light bulb moment,”which is when a student that was confused, suddenly understands what is going on. “As a teacher I am glad I am able to help my students.”

“The thing that I love about the BA community is when someone is in need the community comes together and helps, no matter if it is financial or health issues,” Mackereth said.

When asked about Mr. Mackereth, colleague Mr. Andrekovich said, “Mr. Mackereth is a great guy. If you ever need anything he is always there to help out.”