Super Seniors! Amanda Partner


You might know Amanda as being a helpful person. She always helped around when she was in the helping hands club. She is friendly and always gives good advice when someone needs it. Amanda is the daughter of Ed and Joanna Partner and is involved in reading competition.

“Amanda is really fun to hang out with and always brightens up your day” said Jessica Wertz.

Mr. Partner said “Although she may come off a little strong with her unwavering opinions, she has a great personality and sense of humor that allows her to get along with all walks of life.”


BluePrint: What are your plans after Graduation?

Partner: Going to college to become a school guidance counselor and getting a minor in political science.


BluePrint: How would you describe your experience at Bellwood-Antis?

Partner: Interesting to say the least.


BluePrint: Which teacher/teachers have impacted you most and why?

Partner: Mr.Partner because he always joked with me and gave me guidance.


BluePrint: What is something the student body many not know about you?

Partner: I get frustrated in physics class.


BluePrint: Who are some of your idols/role models and why?

Partner: My mother because she is there for me when I need her.


Favorite Movie: Captain America

What’s in your IPod right now? Something Bad by Miranda Lambert

Favorite Class: Physics

Favorite Food: Bananas

Best BA Lunch: Anything pasta