Mr. McNaul starts ‘Flannel Friday’ tradition


Jacob Hawn

Mr. Stewart and Mr. McNaul are starting a new tradition Flannel Fridays!

Jacob Hawn, Staff Writer

Flannel Friday could be the new trend at Bellwood-Antis, according to B-A teachers Mr. Matthew McNaul and Mr. Brandon Stewart. 

Mr. McNaul wears a flannel shirt every Friday and is starting to encourage other students and faculty members to join in. 

“Flannels are a symbol of unity,” said Mr. McNaul. “Most people think flannels are comfortable and enjoy wearing flannels during this time of the year no matter social class, political party, views on social issues, etc.”

Mr. Stewart is a firm believer in the Flannel Friday movement, and says, “Flannel Friday will change lives.”

Students are in favor of the new trend, and many say that they would participate if it becomes official. 

Senior Eli Pluebell, a former law and civics student under Mr. McNaul, had a lot to say about the new Friday tradition. 

“A lot of us in the law class would wear flannels on Fridays with Mr. McNaul. I think starting a Flannel Friday tradition would be really good,” Eli said. “It would make Fridays even more enjoyable.”