The BAMS Boys of Fall


October 30 was the last offical game of the 2014 8th Grade Football season in which the players worked very hard to achieve a 6-3 overall record. The team picked up wins against Philipsburg, West Branch, Mount Union, Everett, Northern Bedford and Glendale while losing to Tyrone, Moshannon Valley and Southern Huntingdon. Some of the BAMS boys on this team include Trentin Whaley, Tanner Wyland, Shawn Wolfe, Trenton Gonder, Dylan Wilson, Jordan Moore, Colton Gority, Johnothan Gummo, Derrick Noonan, Nathan Grimme, Alex Frederick along with seventh graders Lincoln Boyer, Trevor Miller and Troy Walker.

Good job B-A players! Keep up the great work next year!