The Kindness Wall

“Kindness is the Mark We Leave On the World.” -Raktivist


If you have walked down the 8th grade hallway recently, you may have noticed a new banner saying “Kindness Wall”. This new opportunity is for kids to be rewarded for their good actions and behavior. The Kindness Wall was added this year.


Dr. Wagner states, “I think that all of us can recognize that when someone shows kindness to you or others, it’s appreciated. In talking with some of the teachers on the Heart team, which is the student assistance program team, we were trying to think of ways we could encourage that and recognize the students that demonstrate kindness to one another. As a result, we came up with the idea of the Kindness Wall.”


When someone is observed showing an impactful act of kindness, their name can be submitted by a teacher or any staff member. The teachers have been asked to notify the guidance counselor if they see someone demonstrating an act of kindness that they think deserves recognition. If you see a classmate or a friend showing kindness to others, let an adult know. Names will be added to the Kindness Wall monthly. What will you choose to do to leave your mark in Middle School?