Feature Teacher: Mrs. Trexler


Kimmy Bennett

Mrs. Trexler is in her 23rd year at Bellwood-Antis.

This week’s Feature Teacher is middle school favorite Mrs. Trexler, who has taught at Bellwood for 12 years.

Mrs. Trexler has worked with many grades throughout her career as a teacher, from Kindergarten, to first grade, and now sixth grade. Mrs. Trexler works with the middle school Blueprint, where she helps out young kids who want to write stories for their school newspaper.

We asked Mrs. T some questions about teaching and goals.

BP: What’s most challenging about teaching?

Mrs. T: Teaching is not an occupation with set hours. There is always something to add, change, or modify.

BP: What’s one tip you have for future teachers?

Mrs. T: View your class and make groups of individuals and be willing to adapt to support their learning.

BP: What’s your favorite subject?

Mrs. T: Reading, of course 🙂

BP: What challenges do you face working with the BA Blueprint?

Mrs. T: It’s most difficult  to find a time to meet. Our time is limited, but our staff is hard-working!

BP: What goals do you have for the school year?

  • I want my students to feel valued.
  • I hope to make our new reading curriculum interesting and fun!
  • I always want my students to grow, think, and learn!