Feature Teacher: Mrs. Coleman


Courtesy photo

Second grade teacher Angela Coleman is a B-A graduate who uses her craftiness and enthusiasm to engage her second grade students.

Olivia Hess, Staff Writer

Mrs. Angela Coleman is one of the most creative and crafty teachers at Myers Elementary. The treasured second grade teacher has been educating at Bellwood for twenty-four years. 

With a Penn State Elementary Education degree earned in 1996, she advanced to earn her Masters of Education at St. Francis University in 2004. 

Mrs. Coleman is not the only educator in her family, as her husband teaches physical education at the Tyrone Area High School. Her oldest son, Aiden, is following in her post-secondary footsteps by also attending Penn State. Aiden is on the PSU baseball team, as well. AJ, Mrs. Coleman’s youngest son, is a junior in high school and contributes to Tyrone by playing baseball and football. 

Second grade is the perfect age group for Mrs. Coleman, since she “absolutely loves this age.” She appreciates how the students’ wonder and interest foster a good learning environment.

“The students are still excited about learning new things and have a natural curiosity that lends itself very easily to the learning process,” she said.

Mrs. Coleman said she did have an inspiration for going into the field of education: her high school music teacher, Mr. Bower. “[Mr. Bower] has inspired me in so many ways,” she said. 

As Mr. Bower inspired her, she inspires many others. Members of the second grade team have only kind words to say about Mrs. Coleman. 

Mrs. Tara Naylor “love[s] teaching with her.” Mrs. Naylor described her as highly engaging, creative, artistic, and makes learning fun and meaningful. 

“Mrs. Coleman is the most caring and creative teacher,” said Mrs. Lori Dionis. Mrs. Dionis agrees that Mrs. Coleman makes learning fun and loves keeping her students engaged.

Mrs. Allura Martin values the heart that Mrs. Coleman puts into the job. “This is evident in her demeanor, the way she interacts with students, as well as in her planning and preparation…She is also an integral part of our second grade teaching team…”

The creativity that gets so much love from her coworkers, sparks for Mrs. Coleman when she gets to design lessons that students enjoy and appreciate. A fan-favorite is her “Spooky Science” mini-unit that sets the tone for Halloween. In the unit, students “investigate static electricity, convection, and how gases are produced from mixtures”.

Of all the wonderful memories that have been made so far in her career, her absolute favorite is when she and her team members took the stage together at one of Myers’ annual teacher talent shows.

“…my all-time favorite memory is the ‘Old Lady’ skit the second grade team put on for the teacher talent show several years ago. I still laugh just thinking about it!,” Mrs. Coleman recalled. 

Outside of the classroom, she loves reading, hiking, creating, and spending time with her family and friends. 

Thank you Mrs. Coleman for the dedication and passion you have put into your classroom. Bellwood-Antis appreciates you!