Festive Halloween at Myers


Myers Halloween Parade; October 27, 2022. (Kimberly Bennett(

Myers Elementary gets in the Halloween spirit by having a break from all the school work to participate in some fun-filled activities. All of these include a teacher talent show, parade, and Halloween themed parties in the classrooms.

First off, the teacher talent show was a chance for all grade teachers to relive their middle school dreams again! The talents performed definitely were quite a surprise.

Former majorette Mrs. R. Miller shocked the whole elementary with her amazing baton skills that made kids jaws drop instantly! Third grade teachers participated in the TikTok challenge where you fill your mouth up with water and slap the opposing partner with a tortilla, and see who will spit out their water first. There was for sure a lot of tension rising when the last round came up.

Kindergarten teacher Mr. Dave Plummer amazed everyone with his shocking guitar and singing skills, performing an original song from Encanto that was definitely favored by many students. Second grade teachers put on a show by dancing in neon outfits and Mrs. Tara Naylor wowed us with her crazy gymnastic skills! All together all teachers worked equally as good to put on their best performance.

Finally, Myers also had the annual parade and party. The parade is a favorite for a variety of students and parents because it gives the students the excitement of getting all dressed up in the spirit of trick or treat!

Speaking of parties all classes held a Halloween party that was filled with many activities, including crafts, food, and many more.