Acts of Kindness Week for taking place Myers


Julia Johnson

Students at Myers kicked off Acts of Kindness Week with a hat day!

Sunday February 12 kicks off  ‘Acts of Kindness’ week, which is a week where students in grades K-4 will show their goodwill throughout in school.

Myers Elementary will be observing the week in several ways.

Student council students will be handing out kindness tokens to reward the generosity they see.

All students can take their tokens to the office for an exchange of a prize.

In honor of this week, there will also be a theme week as well.

  • Monday – Wear your crazy hats and socks to spread kindness throughout yourself.
  • Tuesday- Spread the love of Valentine’s Day and wear any Valentines colors/hearts.
  • Wednesday- Bundle up in all kindness and wear your coziest scarf.
  • Thursday- Cuddle up in kindness to wear your pajamas to school.

Along with the acts of kindness, February 15th is International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day.

Seven years ago a 1st grader named Madison Shura at Myers Elementary was diagnosed with brain cancer. Madison fought a tragic, yet courageous, battle with cancer. In honor of Madison the elementary will be participating in more kindness activities throughout the year.

Throughout the month of February, staff and students will collect coins for another family that has been affected by cancer. The Buoymaster family has two children at Myers, with a younger son at home fighting against cancer.

Faculty at Myers have been collecting coins since last week, beginning on Tuesday, and there’s still time to donate. Check out the past and upcoming coin donation days:

  • Tuesday, February 7th- penny collection
  • Wednesday, February 8th- nickel collection
  • Thursday, February 9th- dime collection
  • Monday, February 13th- quarter collection
  • Tuesday, February 14th- any conations (bills or coins)

Even if your child does not attend the elementary, please consider a small donation for the families.