The Hope Center welcomes Myers Elementary

First grade students entertains the Hope Center.

Last week first grade students from Myers Elementary had got the opportunity of seeing Silver Spoons at the Hope Center in Bellwood.

The Hope Center is a Christian organization whose mission is to bring hope to the citizens of Bellwood-Antis through acts of care, encouragement, and friendship. Since reopening post-COVID restrictions, the center hosts an event called Silver Spoons the third Thursday of every month where people attend the center for coffee and desert.

Myers students who went to the center sang songs for those in attendance.

First grade teacher, Mrs. Jennel  Miller shared what her experience was like with her students.

Mrs. J. Miller said that, “It was great to get the kids out into the community.” While it was a sharing experience to make the students feel welcome, it was also enjoyable for the guests as well.

“It was wonderful seeing all the big smiles on the guests’ faces and hearing how precious the kids were!” Mrs. J. Miller said.

As much as it was a chance to take a day off of school and sing favorite songs, Myers teachers had other goals in mind for the trip, as well.

Terri Harpster, former principal at Myers, is heavily involved at the Hope Center. She brought up how much of a delight it would be to have students come down and spread Christmas cheer. But, due to the weather hold-up near the holidays, a rescheduling of the event had to be organized.

“We hope to make it an annual event, and we are already having conversations with (Principal) Mr. Stinson about some additional facilities to perform at next year!” Mrs. J. Miller implies of making this an annual opportunity.

These students were quite a delight as it’s easy to tell that they were prepared or as their teacher likes to say, “In the spotlight” for they all had a chance to be showcased and sing on their own.