Feature Teacher: Mrs. Nycum


Tighe Eaken Jr.

Mrs. Nycum poses with one of her past students, Lexi Lovrich.

Tighe Eaken Jr., Staff Writer

Mrs. Susan Nycum has been teaching at the Bellwood-Antis Middle School for 31 years now, and still going strong. One of the best things about Mrs. Nycum teaching so long at B-A is that she has gotten to teach her two children, Andrew (12th grade) and Allison (11th grade), and watch them grow through the years.

Mrs. Nycum has become a key member of the District not only through her teaching, but through her involvement in activities like Blue Angels, as well as her work with the Bellwood-Antis School District Foundation.

Blueprint: Where did you graduate from?

Mrs. Nycum: I graduated right from right here, Bellwood-Antis.

Blueprint: How long have you been teaching at Bellwood?

Mrs. Nycum: I have been teaching here for 31 years now.

Blueprint: What is your favorite thing about being a teacher here at Bellwood?

Mrs. Nycum: My favorite thing about teaching here at Bellwood is that because the class sizes are so small, I am able to become closer with and get to know my students much better.

Blueprint: What was it like having your kids in class?

Mrs. Nycum: It was often challenging, but rewarding getting to watch my kids excel everyday.

Blueprint: Did you ever feel like you had to be extra tough on your own kids?

Mrs. Nycum: Not really. They always knew better than to mess with their mom in class. (Mrs. Nycum laughs)

Blueprint: What has it been like watching your kids grow as people through their years here at Bellwood?

Mrs. Nycum: It has been not only enjoyable, but heartwarming as a mother watching my children and their friends grow into the fine young adults they are today.