New fundraiser kicks off at B-A


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B-A will be working through the organization Unto to help bring food to impoverished people throughout the world.

Bailee Conway, Staff Writer

This year, Bellwood-Antis’ FCA Club will be fundraising and donating money to Unto, a CRU ministry, in order to raise money to purchase seeds to assist the poor and hungry.

The seeds drive is a day when students from FCA and other clubs will help raise money and pack seeds to send to third world countries to try to help impoverished villagers grow plants on their own, to make them self-sustainable.

FCAs goal is $10,000 dollars for the purchase of seeds, and any extra money beyond that goal will all be donated to local food drives.

Recently, FCA members started an online donation website, where students can get others to donate money. This site will be live and open for donations soon.

Other fundraisers that students in FCA have done so far for the purchase of seeds is collecting money at football games and during the day of giving in the fall. Students have also saved up spare change and turned in their jars when they became full.

Unto is a Christian organization dedicated to helping impoverished people around the world. According to its website, one its its main functions is to allow people to “express the kindness of Jesus to people living in the toughest places on earth by relieving suffering, restoring dignity, and revealing hope.”

It accomplishes its mission in three ways: Food and Agriculture, Clean Water, and Critical Aid.