Super Senior: Hunter McCracken


When you think of Hunter McCracken, you may think of him as the kid always making you laugh during class. He is fun to be around and always has something positive to say.

He is the son of Mark and Mary Kay McCracken and has two sisters, Kendra and Arlana, and a brother Mark.  He recently turned eighteen on November eighteenth.

Hunter’s favorite movie is Remember the Titans and his favorite song is Dirt Road Anthem.

“Outside of school I like to hunt, fish, lift, and hang out with my friends,” said Hunter. In School, Hunter’s main interest is football.

When asked what his favorite subject is Hunter said, “Applied physics because it challenges me and Mrs. Flarend is my favorite teacher.”

Hunter said that throughout this year he is looking forward to making new friends and graduation. After graduation, Hunter plans to either attend college at Williamson School of Mechanical Trade or enter the work force as an electrician.

“Hunter is my best friend and he is like my brother. He always has my back,” said Trenton Creppage.

“I think I have changed a lot since freshman year,” said Hunter. “I have lost around forty pounds, I starting applying myself, and I became a lot more outgoing.”

Hunter said there is a lot of things that he will miss about BAHS. Mostly, he said, “I will miss the friends I have made here and being able to walk through the halls knowing everyone by their first name.”