ARTIST OF WEEK: Jacob Caracciolo


Mara Bollinger

Sophomore Jacob Caracciolo recently qualified for Regional Chorus.

Jacob Caracciolo, a 10th grade chorus student, recently advanced to regional chorus after auditioning at a PMEA District chorus competition this month.

Making it to regionals as a first-time competitor felt very rewarding for Jacob.

“It just showed that all my hard work I put in is finally paying off, it’s exciting to see where I’ll be in a few years,” he said.

For his accomplishments, Jacob has been named the BluePrint’s Artist of the Week.

Jacob practices his music often, working on his singing, tempo, notes, and his dynamics, as he believes singing is a technical thing that takes a lot of time to get right.

Singing is a very technical thing that take’s a lot of time to get right.

— Jacob Caracciolo

He practices singing in his free periods during the day, even lunch, while also practicing on his own time outside of school, taking lessons with Penn State professor Bonnie Bridget Cutsforth-Huber.

Jacob credits his love and passion for music all to Ms. Beth Hull, B-A’s former chorus director. Before high school, Jacob did not care for music and lacked all confidence.

“Ms. Hull guided me and pushed me out of my comfort zone and I appreciate that,” Jacob said. “I mean, singing has only been a big part of my life since freshman year chorus. Before then, I hated even listening to music.”

Not only does Jacob have a key role in the choral department with his regional-level tenor voice, he also contributes to the theater department.

Last year, Jacob was a supporting lead in Bellwood’s production of Beauty and the Beast: The Musical and has a main lead in this years production, Grease.

Jacob has been going to Bellwood his whole entire life, and his favorite subject, not surprisingly, is chorus.

Congratulations Jacob on advancing to regionals! Good luck!