Kerry Naylor

Olivia Rodda is heavily influenced by reading manga.

Olivia Rodda, a Freshman at Bellwood-Antis High School, has used the most challenging situations in her life to become a talented artist.

Oliva has been drawing since she was 5, learning how to draw when she was living with her biological family.

“I lived with my biological mother, who never sent us to school. My own boredom became my motivation to make my artwork, which is now a big role of my life,” Olivia said.

Olivia has been chosen as the BluePrint’s Artist of the Week.

Her favorite artist is online and goes by Cachann, and her art is inspiring to the current style Olivia uses. Olivia also enjoys anime. She watches JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Demon Slayer.

Olivia says that she reads manga, a type of Japanese comic or graphic novel Not only does it create new art platforms and ideas, she said. but it gives her a sense of pride knowing not many people in B-A have read it.

In the near future Olivia plans to release a one-shot manga of her own.

“It has a simple plot, but I’m really hoping to succeed,” she said.

Olivia loves to draw in anime styles and experiment with her abilities. She said the satisfaction from perfecting new interesting styles is awesome! She holds the sharingan of the artworld.

Her favorite drawing, “To this day, there is one that I have on my phone of a woman holding wisteria lying on the ground.”

Besides art Olivia likes to play piano and games on her phone.

“I’ve always been interested in pianos, and now that I can play one, it’s one of my favorite things.”