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Casey Markel is this week’s Artist of the Week.

This weeks’ artist of the week junior, Casey Markel, crafted her own artistic skills in the modern, DIY fashion.

“I taught myself to draw when I was younger. I would watch old YouTube videos and go off of them,” said Casey.

When asked, Casey said that her favorite things to draw objects or still life sketches (still life sketches are drawings or paintings of things like the environment or a picture of animals/humans). Her favorite colors are earth toned colors.

Casey said that she also likes to do things like paint or sculpt clay.

Aside from art, her hobbies consist of walking her dog, listening to music, and ice skating.

When Casey was asked if she had taken any art classes, she said that she has.  She says she likes having the materials they provide, but she’s not a fan of having artwork judged like it is in a formal class.

“I don’t think art should be graded. It’s supposed to be different and unique,” said Casey.

Casey’s favorite person to draw with would be junior Carena Eamigh. Her  favorite class in school is math.

In the future, Casey would like to take her artistic skills and put them to use in the job market.

“I’d like to be a tattoo artist part time, if not full time,” she said.