Bailee Conway

Avery Turek decorating the auditorium for December.

Bailee Conway, Staff Writer

Avery Turek is currently a senior at Bellwood-Antis High School who has been a key role in Bellwood’s music department for over nine years, starting her first role in 3rd grade.

Music has been a substantial part of Avery’s life and to her, music means, “It’s the universal language, it brings everyone together.”

Avery currently has an IUP college audition scheduled to get into the musical program at the university. She has been working with a voice teacher and practicing on her own to have the best shot at getting accepted, and she plans to take her passion and talent for music a step farther and major into music education, if accepted.

Not only does Avery have college auditions to prepare for, she also just recently had to prepare and practice for an audition for Bellwood-Antis’ new musical production, Grease. Avery watched different productions of Grease to best get into character, as well as practicing her audition songs daily for the audition. Avery landed one of the main roles, Marty, a pink lady.

Music is the universal language, it brings everyone together.

— Avery Turek

Avery has been participating in Bellwood’s choir since 5th grade, as well as multiple musicals like Beauty and the Beast, Music Man, and School House Rock. She has also been to county chorus and district chorus multiple times with the Bellwood-Antis choir.

Avery works with Miss Hull, who has been a mentor for her, almost everyday to improve and practice. Another one of Avery’s biggest inspirations is Renee Rapp.

Avery has practiced her singing outside of school too, with voice lessons from Linda Grimm ever since 5th grade. She recently added lessons with DR. Bonnie Custforth – Huber.

Avery’s favorite part of performing is that, “it just makes me feel good and there are always things to improve and work on.”

Avery has been participating and winning musical awards for almost her whole life, winning her first singing talent show at just 3 years old. Something that she is the most grateful for from her music career is all the opportunities it has given to her, such as county chorus and district chorus.

Good luck at all of your future auditions Avery! Bellwood – Antis will appreciate the mark you have made on it’s music department!