Sidney Gerwert

Annie LeGrand is headed to county chorus.

Annie Legrand is a junior at BAHS, and this year is a part of county chorus.

When asked how is she feeling about going to county chorus, she said she was very excited to go and experience singing in a large choir filled with new, talented people.

“I feel like the two days it takes place will allow me to be myself and enjoy every second of it,” Annie said.

County chorus takes place Monday and Tuesday, November 21 and 22, at Claysburg-Kimmel High School. It’s the first live and in-person county chorus event since the COVID pandemic. Annie will be performing in the alto section.

Facing a new adaptation can be quite a challenge but Annie said she’s not exactly nervous right now.

“But I will most likely feel a bit anxious once we get there, since it’s a new experience,” Although it’s a new experience, she said, she is prepared to face her fears.

As well as being a part of county chorus, Annie also enjoys her time improving her singing,

“I go down and practice with Ms. Hall almost every Tuesday and Thursday morning, I practice multiple times throughout the school day, and I practice at home as well,” said Annie, who’s way of escalating her confidence in singing.

One main part of joining a group is what inspired that person to join? Well, Annie says, “I personally love singing more than anything, so learning new music to sing with such a large group really inspired  me to join and work towards it.”

Annie LeGrand is a wonderful addition to the county chorus group, and will continue her journey in singing long afterwards.