Just juniors: Chance Schreier


Morgan Kienzle

Chance Schreier is a tri-sport athlete.

Chance Schreier is a junior at Bellwood-Antis who has been going here his whole school career.

Chance is a tri-sport athlete, playing football, basketball, and track and field. Chance’s favorite sport out of them all is football. However, he’s not a one-dimensional athlete. He is also an honors student who is near the top of his class academically.

Chance’s favorite sports team is Penn State, and he loves watching their football games.

Recently, Chance hit a buzzer beater against Juniata Valley to win a key basketball game in the final seconds. Chance said, “It was cool. It felt like a once in a lifetime experience.”

While Chance is one of the stars for B-A basketball and has a large number of assists and rebounds, he still keeps a health rivalry with his brother Holden, who is also on the team. Holden is one of the Blue Devils’ top scorers.

When asked about who is better, Chance said, “I am better. Scoring points is not the only part of basketball.”

Good luck to Chance in his final games of the season!