Feature Teacher: Mr. Steines


Chelsea McCaulsky

Mr. Steines is student teaching with Mr. McNaul.

Collin Matthews, Staff Writer

This weeks feature teacher is Mr. Benjamin Steines.

Mr. Steines, a student teacher from Penn State, teaches all five civics classes in 9th grade. Mr. Steines became a teacher because he was “concerned in the direction of our country.”

“There is a lack of understanding about the decoctive system and I wanted to change that,” he said.

Mr. Steines, who is working under mentor Mr. Matthew McNaul, says that his favorite part of teaching is “building connections with students,” while his least favorite part of teaching is “all of the work I have to keep up with after school.”

Outside of school Mr. Steines try’s to balance working out, reading, and writing, but in warmer months he and his wife organize weekly ultimate Frisbees games for the community .

Mr. Steines sees himself in the future continuing to teach civics, American history, and POD, but his dream job is to be a columnist for the New York Times.