Too cool for school: Hailey Loupe


Courtesy photo

Freshman Hailey Loupe has developed a passion for martial arts.

Three months ago, Hailey Loupe began her dive into the world of jiu-jitsu.

Jiu-jitsu is in the martial arts realm, but, instead of kicks and strikes, it focuses on control and grappling. The freshman trains for six to nine hours per week at Eight Point Focus in Duncansville. 

While practicing jiu-jitsu, Hailey learns an abundance of skills, including, how to transition into different positions, do takedowns, submissions, and how to get out of bad positions. 

This martial art is one of the most beneficial to use in the real-world, as it effectively gives the ability to defend oneself. It’s practical application is why Hailey recommends everyone to try it.

“It makes you physically and mentally stronger, and it helps you be able to defend yourself,” Hailey claimed.

For the future, Hailey has a lot of goals.

She wants to “learn more transitions and submissions, win at a competition, and get stripes on [her] belt”.