Mr. Steines to leave Bellwood-Antis for Army


Ellie Patterson

Mr. Steines said goodbye to his 9th grade civics classes on Thursday.

Collin Matthews, Staff Writer

No, unfortunately this isn’t a satire story,

Mr. McNaul’s student teacher, Mr. Steines, is leaving Bellwood-Antis, and in about 8 months he will be heading to Africa to serve in the armed forces.

In honor of him finishing student teaching and leaving, the freshman class decided to throw parties all day in the media center on Thursday.

Mr. Steines had been a fixture in Mr. McNaul’s civics classes since September. He came as a student-teacher from Penn State but is also a member of the Army National Guard. By December, he will likely be deployed overseas.

Mr. Steines said he may serve as a substitute somewhere down the line, but he was really looking forward to spending more time with his wife.

Many students brought in snacks and treats to the parties and wore paper mustaches in honor of Mr. Steines’  classic look.

Everyone at B-A wishes Mr. Steines a save travel and well wishes while he protects our country.