Power of Three: The best candies


Abby McGuire

Classic M&Ms make the top three of candies.

Hello and Welcome back to The Power of Three.

Todays topic is best candies.

3. Peanut Chews

Peanut Chews are a very underrated pick, but you cant knock it until you try it. After any sports practice I always go to sheetz and snag myself some peanut chews. Peanut Chews have a really good chocolate outside and an even better peanut and caramel inside. They are bite size too. The only peeve that I have with peanut chews are they take too long to chew and they get annoying after a while, but other than that peanut chews are a really good candy.

2. M&M’s

M&M’s are a solid 2 in my opinion, they are  very good for a small snack to eat during a movie. I also like how many different varieties of M&M’s there are, like peanut, mint, caramel, etc. I grew up eating M&M’s and now the more that I grow up I am still hooked on them. The only peeve that I have with M&M’s are how they melt so easily, like if u hold them in your hand they melt and make your hand all messy. Other that that I love M&M’s

1. Sour Patch Kids. 

In my mind Sour Patch Kids are the best candy to ever be invented, Like they start out  and they are sour the they turn sweet and it just a taste. I also like how they advertise Sour Patch Kids, with how cute they make the sour patch kids. There are also different varieties of Sour Patch Kids as well. In my opinion Sour Patch Kids are the 1 best candy of all time.