Fab Freshman: Tyler Hoover


Sapphire McCready

He only appears to be quiet and reserved … freshman Tyler Hoover

If you didn’t know any better, you would think that Tyler Hoover is a shy, quiet kid, or that he doesn’t really make a peep.

But Tyler has another side to him that not many people know.  Tyler is funny and anything but quiet around his friends.

Fellow Freshman Malacki Harper said, “Tyler is cool.” Another fellow freshman, Josh Stevens said, “Tyler is nice.”

Sophomore Kiara Wolfe said, “Tyler is a very interesting person; he is both nice and cool!”

BluePrint: What is the biggest difference between 9th grade and middle school?

Tyler: In 9th grade there’s no checks, unlike middle school.

BluePrint: What class from freshman year will you never forget and why?

Tyler: Math. I won’t forget it because I had the most trouble in that class and fooled around more than I should have.

BluePrint: What goals do you have for the next 3 years of your BA high school experience?

Tyler: To study better and keep up with grades.

BluePrint: What advice would you give 8th graders preparing to make the jump to high school?

Tyler: Prepare to study.

BluePrint: What is one thing you’ll do differently as a sophomore?

Tyler: Do homework.

BluePrint: What activities, sports, and clubs are you involved in both inside and outside of school?

Tyler: I’m involved in baseball and football.

BluePrint: How long have you played football?

Tyler: 3 years

BluePrint: What do you enjoy most about football?

Tyler: Winning games

BluePrint: What other sports are you involved in?

Tyler: Baseball

BluePrint: How long have you been in baseball?

Tyler: 6 years

BluePrint: What is your favorite movie?

Tyler: Troy

BluePrint: What is your favorite class?

Tyler: English

BluePrint: What is your favorite food?

Tyler: French Fries

BluePrint: What is your favorite BA lunch?

Tyler: Pizza

BluePrint: What is in your iPhone?

Tyler: Sport Apps and music

BluePrint: What is something that no one from your freshman class knows about you?

Tyler: I’m from Johnstown.