Athlete of the Week: Ethan McGee


Emily Wagner

Ethan McGee played a big role in the boys basketball team climbing to the top of the ICC.

Sophomore Ethan McGee  has made 101 shots this year, averaging just under 10 points per game.

Last Friday, he scored 10 against Juniata Valley and 13 in a big win over West Branch.  He followed that up Tuesday with nine against Mount Union.

For his hard work,  McGee is the athlete of the week.


How did you get involved with basketball?     

I started in 3rd grade in elementary basketball because my brother started playing.

What’s your favorite thing about basketball? Least favorite?

My favorite thing is being around all of my friends and doing great things together. My least favorite is defensive slides.

Do you have any advice for younger players?

Start out by perfecting your fundamentals. Don’t try and get super crazy when you first start. Learn the game and work your way up.

What’s your team’s biggest strength?

Our team can really shoot the ball. Every time a team drops back into a zone we can really make them pay. We are  strong on defense.

You have lifting for football right now, is it hard going from sport to sport?

Weight lifting will throw off your shot some, but it’s always good to get a good workout and make yourself physically stronger for every sport.

How much has playing AAU improved your game?

AAU gives me the chance to play competitive basketball almost all year round. It has taken my game from being average, to the next level by playing against great players all summer.

How tough is it to be a successful 3-sport athlete?

It’s pretty tough on my body. I get no rest what so ever. Also it can be frustrating because it takes a while to get back into basketball mindset after a long and physical football season.

How would you describe THE perfect basketball game for you as an individual?

The perfect basketball game starts with playing good defense. I can’t let my man score is how I think of it. Then on offense being a team player. I have to give the ball to my teammates when they are open. My share will come, but I have to put the team first.