Super Senior: Trenton Creppage


Devin Poplin

Super senior Trenton Creppage is flanked by two good buddies, Kyler Lardieri (left) and Cameron Wood (right).

He’s an athlete. He’s a wise guy. He’s an intense competitor.

This month’s Super Senior is Trenton Creppage.

“Trenton has been my friend since about fifth grade. I wish him the best of luck in everything he does in the future,” said Trenton’s close friend Cameron Wood.

Trenton’s birthday is on August 17 and his favorite movie is American Sniper. When asked what his favorite song was, he came to the conclusion that it is “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.

In school, Trenton participates in both sports and activities. He is part of FCA and Library Club, while also playing for the football and baseball teams. Outside of BAHS, Trenton likes to hunt, fish, lift, and hang out with his friends.

Trenton’s favorite class is Physics.

“Mrs. Flarend is a great teacher, and it’s a class that always brings new things,” said Trenton.

With all the great students and teachers here at BAHS, it’s safe to say that everyone has people that have influenced them in some positive way. Trenton said it was his teammates that influenced him the most.

“I have played beside them for years and I always have their backs, and they have mine.”

“Trenton has been a good friend since about sixth grade, and I know he will do great things in the future. I know he’s not always the nicest kid, but he always has my back and I’ll always have his,” said Kyler Lardieri.

Despite using his time in high school to be a loyal friend and teammate, Trenton still has regrets as senior year draws to a close.

“I regret not taking my school work more seriously when I was younger,” said Trenton.

After graduation, Trenton plans to go to Mount Aloysius to play baseball and major in environmental science.

Trenton said the things he will miss most about Bellwood are, “All the friendships I made, but most importantly Friday night lights and baseball games.”