Feature Teacher: Mrs. R. Miller

Mrs. R. Miller is the elementary teacher feature for May


Devin Poplin

Mrs. Robin Miller is that motherly teacher selling education to her kids.

Mrs. Robin Miller is this month’s elementary teacher feature. She currently teaches second grade, but throughout her 15 years at Bellwood-Antis she has taught kindergarten, fifth, sixth, and an eighth grade career class. Before teaching at B-A, Mrs. R. Miller taught for 6 years at a Catholic school in Altoona.

“I really enjoy working with children and helping each of them reach their goals,” said Mrs. R. Miller. “That is one reason I chose to become a teacher and it’s a great career to have while raising a family. You can still be home when your kids are.”

Mrs. R. Miller is the mother of two kids, a son Jordan, who is a 2014 Tyrone graduate, and a daughter Chelsea, who is a freshman this year at Tyrone.

“I didn’t have a preference of what grade I wanted to teach when I started my career and I still don’t today. I taught for three years at the middle school, but I do think that it is very enjoyable teaching at the elementary school,” said Mrs. R. Miller.

“I think the hardest part about teaching second graders is teaching the students that everyone is different, and I have to help them realize they need to accept everyone and include them into their circle of friends.”

All the other teachers tell me that I am very mother-like to my students and that’s what brings them out of their shell. They feel safe.”

— Mrs. R. Miller

So what’s the best part about teaching? Mrs. R. Miller said that her favorite part is “Watching the students grow and learn academically and socially and watching how much they come out of their shell.”

“I’m good at that, at least I have been told,” said Mrs. R. Miller. “All the other teachers tell me that I am very mother-like to my students and that’s what brings them out of their shell. They feel safe.”

“She’s very passionate about teaching and is very loving and nurturing with her students. She makes decisions based on what is best for them,” said second grade team member Mrs. Tara Naylor. “She is a team player and supportive of her co-workers as well.”

Mrs. R. Miller said that she mostly focuses on helping her students reach success at whatever level it is that they dream possible and that is what motivates her to keep teaching.

“I like to hear them saying I can instead of I can’t,” she said.

Would Mrs. R. Miller still chose a teaching career today? She said yes.

“I always wanted a sales career and I have a side job doing that right now where I work for an indirect jewelry company,” she said. “Even my teaching career is a sales job in a way. I sell education to kids.”