Aevidum to participate in suicide prevention walk


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Last year, Mrs. Adams and Aevidum Club members and advisers participated in the Out of the Darkness Walk in Altoona. They will be there again September 26.

Ethan McGee, Staff Writer

On September 26, Aevidum will be taking part in the annual “Out of the Darkness Walk” at Mansion Park in Altoona.

The walk will be sponsored by the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. It begins at 10 a.m. and will be held until roughly 12 p.m.

People attend the walk to show support for suicide prevention and to comfort those who have lost a loved one. People who go to this walk are shown that they are not alone. They see that there are people just like them in the same fight involving a loved one who committed suicide.

Having The Out of the Darkness Walk helps people realize that they are not alone.”

— Mrs. Cathy Adams

“Suicide is a very devastating thing, and having The Out of the Darkness Walk helps people realize that they are not alone.” said Assistant High School Principal Ms. Cathy Adams.

Shortly before September 26 Aevidum will be selling the Stompin’ Sneakers at lunch for one dollar, which was done last year.

During the week of the walk there will be a day where students can wear their favorite shoes, and a positive saying t-shirt to show good vibes in our high school.