Feature teacher: Mr. Martin

Former student back at alma mater


Joe Padula

Mr. Martin studied optometry for a while, but his true passion is teaching.

This month’s middle Feature teacher is eighth grade science teacher, Mr. Martin. In addition to teaching Mr. Martin is an assistant coach to the Bellwood-Antis Jr. High Football team.

Mr. Martin previously taught at Bellefonte Middle School until last year when he took over the eighth grade science teaching role, as he replaced now High School Principal Mr. Schierer.

Mr. Martin is a Bellwood-Antis graduate (2000), who was a two sport athlete playing both football and track. Mr. Martin went on to continue his education at the Pennsylvania State University where he got his B.S. in 2004 and Masters of Education in 2007.

The blueprint was able to sit down with Mr. Martin and ask him a few questions.

Blueprint: What other jobs did you consider other than teaching?

I hope I am making some difference in their lives as my teachers/coaches did to me.”

— Mr. Martin

Mr. Martin: After undergraduate school at PSU, I attended the Pennsylvania College of Optometry for a year.  I did not have the same passion for medicine as I did educating, so I left and enrolled at Penn State for my teaching certification.

Blueprint: What is your favorite thing about coaching/teaching?

Mr. Martin: When I am teaching, I see myself in my student. I hope I am making some difference in their lives as my teachers/coaches did to me.

Blueprint: Some say coaching and teaching go hand and hand… What are similarities and if there are any what differences?

Mr. Martin: The philosophy of each parallels each other in every aspect.  You must plan and execute an efficient way to teach, whether it is a sport or academics. You also have to be a life-long student of your disciple or sport.

Blueprint: What advice would you give to someone aspiring to become a teacher?

Mr. Martin: Take time to find a subject in which you are interested

Blueprint: What is it like to come back to the school you went to as a student and to come back and teach at it?

Mr. Martin: It is awesome. I have so much pride for our community. Also, I enjoy making connections with many students I already knew outside of school.