Athlete of the Week: Sarah Knisley


Carol Bartlett

Sarah Knisely is in her second year on the cross country team.

Cross country is a team and individual sport. Throughout the year you want to push yourself to cross the finish line first so your team has a better chance of winning.

Sarah Knisely formalManning Photography

Such is the life of runner Sarah Knisely.

This week Knisely is the BluePrint’s athlete of the week.

Blueprint: How did you get involved with cross country?

Sarah: I did cross country because my brother and I wanted to do a sport together but once he graduated I ended up loving it!

Blueprint: How long have you been a part of the team?

Sarah: This year is my second year.

Blueprint: What do you expect this season for yourself? The team?

Sarah: For the team we just have to push ourselves to the limits and for myself I need to set an example for my teammates and to keep bettering myself throughout the season.

Blueprint: What’s your best time?

Sarah: My best time is 25 minutes flat so far.

Blueprint: What would you say to the kids that want to come out for the team but aren’t sure?

Sarah: Cross country is a fun and everyone who does it would tell you the same, but you’ll only be as good as you want yourself to be.