National Do Something Nice Day

Myranda Mamat

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Nevin Wood ties his buddy Jason Shade’s shoes, not because Jason can’t do it, but because it’s nice.

Doing something nice is an everyday task, but there can only be one day dedicated to it. Today is national Do Something Nice Day.

Brennan McKendree reads a story to his pal Nick Mallory, not because Nick can't read but because it's nice.
Phoebe Potter
Brennan McKendree reads a story to his pal Nick Mallory, not because Nick can’t read but because it’s nice.

Even if it’s just a smile or a grand gesture do something nice for someone today.

What would you give to someone on Do Something Nice Day?

Here are some great examples you should follow.

  • You could pay for someone’s drink who orders after you.
  • When you’re out for dinner with your friend you could pay for their dinner.
  • Go to a sports game and cheer on your friends.
  • If someone you know is having a bad day, take them out to do something fun; you might just make a new friend.
  • Donate blood; you can save someone’s life.
  • Volunteer in your community, even if it’s just for today.
  • Donate money to charity.

If you don’t have money to spend there are some other ways to preform random acts of kindness.

  • Let someone go in front of you.
  • Call a family member you haven’t talked to in a long time.
  • Instead of putting the cart in the cart return wait and give it to someone who is coming into the store.
  • Hold the door open for someone, because chivalry isn’t dead.
  • Send someone a letter, to a friend you haven’t talked to in years or just your mother.
  • Introduce your friends to one another.
  • Donate your old clothes to charity.
  • Share an umbrella with a stranger when it’s raining.
  • Cook or bake food for an elderly neighbor.
  • Invite someone over for dinner, it’s one of the best ways to connect more with friends.
  • Compliment someone, it truly might just make someone’s day.

Even if you don’t do any of these things today make it your goal to one sometime. Do Something Nice Day can be just as simple as a simile or as extravagant as giving someone a car.