Feature Teacher: Mr. Plummer


Cory Parson

Mr. Plummer is a military veteran who uses music to supplement his instruction at Myers.

You might not know, but Bellwood-Antis’ Mr. Plummer is much more than just a kindergarten teacher. He is also a Veteran and a musician, even participating in his own band!

The BluePrint sat down with Plummer, who works at Myers Elementary, to learn more about his interesting life.

BluePrint: When did you begin teaching?

Mr. Plummer: I started in 2007 after I graduated from Shippensburg. I began teaching a pre-k class and I loved it

BluePrint: How long were you in the military?

Mr. Plummer: Six years. I went straight out of high school into the National Guard. I began my training at Fort Knox, but went back to school to learn about infantry to continue serving.

BluePrint: How do you incorporate music into your classroom?

Mr. Plummer: I play songs with the kids. I like to show the kids different songs with videos that are productive to their learning like counting and identifying shapes.

BluePrint: Do you write your own songs for your classroom?

Mr. Plummer: I have written one song before for my classroom, and Mr. Harry heard it and like it. So we collaborated on it. I wanted to teach the kids about turkeys since at the time it was around thanksgiving. I added different aspects of a turkey’s life as we kept going and now it’s on YouTube.

BluePrint: Do you feel like using music helps kids learn?

Mr. Plummer: Kids constantly need to be occupied so that they don’t lose complete focus while in class. I feel like using music to transition from one lesson to another