Super Seniors: Angela Young


Makala Doyle

Senior Angela Young

If you know Angela Young, you know she is a kind-hearted and talented person. Angela is always there to help others and is always nice to everyone around her.

Outside of school, Angela works at Martins. Angela is involved in Marching Band, Tech Club, and NHS. During school, She likes spending her free time in the band room.

She has been in band since fourth grade. She plays percussion and when asked why she has stuck with it for so long she said, “I have a lot of fun with everyone else and I enjoy the people that I am surrounded by. I also really like performing.”

Angela said that her favorite subject in school is History. The teacher who has impacted her the most is Mr. McMinn.

“I think he is really preparing us for college, and I think that will definitely help me in the future,” she said.

When asked about how she feels about this being her senior year, she said that she is really looking forward to graduating. She is hoping to attend IUP in the fall and is planning on majoring in Criminal Psychology. Before the end of the school year is over, she says she is also really looking forward to prom and just having fun with all of her friends.

Angela said that her favorite memory from school is all of the times that she spent in the band room and she will never forget all of the great memories that she had made with all of her friends.