A friendship between rivals

Student-athletes are friends on and off the field


Jamie Forshey

BAYFL players are both friends and rivals.

Have you ever watched a football game played against friends? Did you notice there was no friendships? Ok, let’s think off the field. There is a big difference to being friends on and off the field because when you’re playing, all of your focus is on winning.

We asked a few of the football players and cheerleaders that compete against one another a couple of questions about playing sports against friends. This is what they had to say:

Preston Wilson and Evan Morris said they were both ready to play this season.

Teresa Flynn and Tabrizia Bennett have a positive attitude when their team wins or loses.

Jordan Irvin says that he has been playing football for six years, and even when he gets hurt he gets up with a positive attitude anyway.

Landon Bungo and Gavin Ridgway said their favorite part of football is tackling people and running the ball.

Ashlyn Snyder and Raelyn Dillen said they loved to build and have a passion for cheering on their team.

There is no better thing than having friends. They always have a positive attitude about the game, the girls always have fun cheering on the boys, and they are still friends on and off the field.