Trick or treat anyone?


Jamie Forshey

Myers Elementary students enjoying the Halloween parade.

Bellwood hosted their annual Trick-or Treat parade earlier this week and there were tons of cool costumes! If you didn’t go you really missed out on an awesome event! Some of the best costumes included a homemade one a fish from the movie, Finding Nemo. There was also a super cute baby in a banana boat! After the Trick-or Treat parade, the Bellwood Firehall had hot chocolate and cookies for both the people in the parade and those who watched it.

Many people in the community also passed out candy to children and teenagers. Trick-or-treating was a fun night for people of all ages, especially the kids who got to fill up their candy bags!

The Myers Elementary also had their annual Halloween parade. Students and staff dressed up and marched around town with the B-A Band to show off their costumes. After the parade, they returned to school for their classroom parties.

Overall, 2015 Trick-or-Treat week was a huge success! Everyone was safe, had a great time, and many people had costumes that were just amazing.

We hope you had a great week and will have a frightful Halloween night! Boo!