Book Lovers Day

Myranda Mamat

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Find a book you love and read it today.

Everyone has a favorite book. It could be the book that you’ve read cover to cover dozens of times or the only book that you’ve read in middle school that you actually liked. Even more it could be the mystical fantasy book that you’ve read only twice or the most recent book you have read in class, whatever it is that book has some kind of value to you.

That is why this Sunday is Book Lovers Day which encourages people to read a book and relax.

At BAHS everyone seems to have their own favorite book that they love.

The Great Gatsby is my favorite book. The book was set in the roaring 20s and it was known as that for a reason,” said sophomore Tina Hollen. “I was a beautiful and daring time of parties and secret bars. But what really made me love this book was the ending, because no matter how hard you try, sometimes stories just don’t have happy endings. And The Great Gatsby showed that.”

“My favorite book is The Killing Joke,” said Junior Haley McCloskey. ”The Killing Joke is a comic book that tells the story if the Joker and his madness.  The recolored illustrations are absolutely fantastic. You see how crazy the Joker really is. It is definitely the comic book I most highly recommend to anyone.”

“Mine is Shock Wave by Clive Cussler. It’s my favorite because it is full of action and it never stops through the entire book. It is well written and keeps you thinking about how he’ll get out of the next mess,” said senior Logan Morrison.

Many people who do love to read love to read different things like comic books, love stories, tragedies, or fantasy. Take the time to remember the last time you read a book and enjoyed it, really enjoyed it. Destress from all the reading that you have to trudge through in school and take a day to read your favorite book.