Just Juniors: Stephanie Mills


Noah D'Angelo

Stephanie Mills is November’s feature Junior

Stephanie is this month’s Just Junior. She is a successful athlete as well as a distinguished honor student. You may know her as the little sister of Isaac and Samuel Mills but she has her own story to tell.

Juggling athletics and school could be overwhelming for any person but she handles it with ease. “I try to stay organized and make sure that what needs done, gets done,” said Stephanie.

Stephanie is involved in varsity cross country, track, National Honor Society, and she’s also in the school choir. Both of her brothers were involved in the same activities and when asked if she thinks she lives in their shadows, she had this to say, “I guess sometimes I feel like that, they were really talented and did many of the things that I do.”

When she isn’t busy with schoolwork and sports, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Stephanie would describe herself as “active and involved.” Speaking of family, Stephanie said that her cousin Claire has had the most influence on her life. “She is an amazing singer and pianist and she has helped me out a lot.”

Although just a junior, Stephanie has plans on what she wants to do after school. “After high school I want to go to Grove City College and major in Spanish and possibly minor in Business. With that, I would like to become a Spanish Translator.”

Congratulations to Stephanie Mills for being November’s Just Junior.