Beautiful Day Day

Myranda Mamat

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You are surrounded by beauty every day, the people and the things you take for granite every day are beautiful. This Friday is Beautiful Day.

Stepping back from Thursday (Have A Bad Day Day) you can use this day to surround yourself with beautiful things. Surround yourself with who or what makes you happy and eliminate any possibilities of an off day.

Michael Buble/YouTube

It is said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” by Molly Bawn is a quote that is said over and over again. The quote is taken form one previous from Plato “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”.

The quote(s) have many different means depending on how it is interpreted. What many people grasp it as beauty is never ugly and what could be ugly to someone can be beautiful to others or what can appear to be beautiful can be ugly to others.

Experts find that for people it is an easier concept to gasp, a person who is beautiful and appears pristine can inside be an ugly and tragic person. Many people see others for who they really are and others seem to be oblivious. Those who are oblivious see people who are beautiful and ugly as they are pictured.


Others are drawn to people who may not look the most beautiful but they have a magnetic draw to them.  It can be your good friend(s), a loved one, or even a complete stranger that you’ve meet today. Aspects of these people can be beautiful, it could be their laugh, or the unique color of their hair. Others could be the way they get excited over little things or the way they look in the sunlight.

It in the end it is true, beautiful things make people happy and who makes people happy varies.  Friday is dedicated to beauty, so find what is beautiful to you, make a list or tell your friend or loved