Do Bellwood students like statisticians? Probably.

Mrs. Riddle returns after 10 weeks of maternity leave


Cory Parson

Mrs. Riddle grades quizzes in her first period class.

Bellwood-Antis High School’s probability and statistics teacher Mrs. Kristeen Riddle has been teaching here for almost 13 years.

Her mathematics career started after she graduated from Penn State University and Gannon University. At PSU, she majored in Secondary Mathematics and minored in Psychology. At Gannon, she completed her Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction.

Bellwood-Antis has proven to be a very special place for her.

“The best things about teaching in Bellwood are the teachers, students, staff, and administration,” says Riddle. “I feel blessed to be able to work in such an exceptional community that you don’t see very often.”

It’s not surprising Mrs. Riddle would like the family atmosphere. She is a mother of two in a close family.

Mrs. Riddle had both son Blake and newborn daughter Brylee in the time she has been working here. Both of her babies were premature, so the time she had to miss was extended each time. She has had to miss a cumulative 18 weeks of teaching.

After her long-term substitute, Mr. Noye, filled in for her for the first marking period, she made a smooth transition back to her teaching routine, but was a struggle in other ways.

“The first week back was very tough emotionally for me,” she says. “It was very difficult leaving my daughter at daycare with people I didn’t know. Now that I have been back for almost a month, I can say getting back in to a routine has been good for all of us.”

Senior probability and statistics student Nathan Davis is grateful to have her as a teacher.

“She makes her classroom into a very good learning environment. It is fun to be in her class, and she has a good attitude,” says Davis.