Manning’s legacy


Kerry Naylor

Peyton Manning’s skills have diminished while his hairline has expanded exponentially.

What has been a surreal career for Peyton Manning ended in triumph Sunday with a victory in Super Bowl 50 over the Carolina Panthers 24-10. Manning’s legacy has grown over his career, just like his forehead.

Manning didn’t come out and say he was retiring just yet, but said he would think about it after he “kissed his wife and hugged his kids.”

As his hairline has receded this season, so have his skills. It’s surprising that a team wins the biggest game of the season when their quarterback throws for 141 yards and one interception. But with the defense the Broncos had, it’s no surprise that Cam Newton was shut down.

Like Manning’s hair, Carolina’s chances thinned as the game went on.

The game started off in favor of Denver and they never looked back. Like Manning’s hair, Carolina’s chances thinned as the game went on.

An even more surprising stat is that Peyton Manning has the two lowest total Quarterback Ratings of any winning quarterback in the Super Bowl. Two because he won in ‘06-‘07 with the Indianapolis Colts and now this year with the Denver Broncos.

He has the most pass yards and touchdowns in NFL history and will continue to have that number grow if he stays in the league longer. If he were to come back for another year, he had better hit the weight room because his passes are looking a bit lofty, sort of like a 10 year old girls’. And he gets knocked over when a fly touches him.

You have to give him props though. He’s a 2x Super Bowl Champion, Future Hall of Famer, and wonderful spokesperson in the Nationwide commercials. He will go down as arguably the best quarterback of all-time.

What’s next for Manning? Well he will probably lose to some 8 year old in ping-pong and eat a chicken parm.