The Power of Three: 90s Videos


Three oddly contrasting videos from the 1990s.

Eli Vaglica, Staff writer

Alright, so this is a new column that Mr. Naylor wanted me to write because he thinks I’m creative enough for this (jokes on him, I’m definitely not). However, if you don’t try you’ll never fail or something like that…

So for this week’s Power of 3, I’ll be talking about cringe-worthy, absolute nope videos in the minds of normal people. These were trendy in mainly the 90s,  from late grunge to boy bands.

What do a black hole, a fat guy playing a harmonica solo and ghost sofas have in common? They’re all music videos that make as much sense as voting for Trump.

Black Hole Sun/Soundgarden/YouTube

Black Hole SunSoundgarden Okay, to be honest this music video is hilarious. It has tons of people dressed from the 50s putting on what I’d assume are fake smiles. It makes little sense and I’m sure that science teachers here at Bellwood would deny the existence of a black hole that is also still a sun or at least that it can somehow wash away the rain.

Virtual Insanity/Jamiroqui/YouTube

Virtual InsanityJamiroquai Yeah, this is the boy band one. The video is crazy, even though the subpar song was just catchy enough to get stuck in your head for a couple days. There was no CGI for this video, which is weird because the things that happen in the song are crazy. Sofas move, roaches crawl on the floor and the lead singer dances into different positions seemingly without even moving. I have absolutely no idea what this was about, maybe how crazy the world is?

Hook/Blues Traveler/YouTube

Hook Blues Traveler This song is really good, but the music video is just flat out weird. It starts off with a guy on a couch watching TV. He stops on a Miss America Pageant. The lyrics are cool though, they basically say, “I could make up a load of utter nonsense, but you’ll like me for appearing deep, emotional or ‘good’.”  Everyone that moves their mouth in this video, appears to be singing. I’d imagine it’s because these people would be considered respectable in society even though they’re as fake as a weave. Of all of these songs, this one made the most sense, it was just weird.