Trenton Gonder works towards Eagle Scout rank


Trenton Gonder

Trentpon Gonder has already designed plans for a pavilion at Rails to Trails as part of his Eagle Scout Project,

Makala Doyle, Staff Writer

Trenton Gonder, a freshman at Bellwood-Antis High School, has begun working towards getting his rank as an Eagle Scout.

Trenton’s project is building a pavilion for Bellwood’s Rails to Trails.

“Trenton is one of the hardest working scouts that we have in Troop 28,” said Trenton’s scout leader, Mr. James Mackereth. “His Eagle Scout project is not only a good addition to the Bell’s Gap Rails-to-Trails, but it serves as a good example of how our scouts are expected to make an impact in the community.”

It requires a lot of time, and as you’re doing it, it helps you become a better leader. ”

— Trenton

Once Trenton finishes this project, he will take part in a Scoutmaster conference, and hopefully successfully complete an Eagle Scout board of review.

“We encourage all of our scouts to make a difference in their community, whether it involves a project the scope and size of Trenton’s Eagle Scout project, or simply helping a neighbor or family in a time of need,’ added Mr. Mackereth.

“An Eagle Scout is the highest rank in scouts and takes a lot of work to get there. You have to earn a lot of merit badges and do a lot of service hours. It requires a lot of time, and as you’re doing it, it helps you become a better leader. I am doing it to help the community,” Trenton said.

On February 21, a spaghetti dinner fundraiser was held at Hillside Community Rec Center. All proceeds went to help with Trenton’s project.

An Eagle Scout is the highest achievement or rank attainable in the Boy Scouting program of the Boy Scouts of America, and only a small percentage of Boy Scouts reach that level.

To become an Eagle Scout, you must work your way through the following ranks:

  1. Tenderfoot
  2. Second Class
  3. First Class
  4. Star
  5. Life
  6. Eagle

They must also earn the required twenty one merit badges such as First Aid, Emergency Preparedness or Lifesaving, Citizenship in the Community, Communications, Environmental Science, and many others.