Students attend Jr. High County Band


Patrick Sachse

Jr. High County Band students included: front row (l to r): Willie Williams and Alex Foose. Second row (l to r): Dominic Faith, Alanna Vaglica, Brendan McCaulley, and Lorden Williams. Back row (l to r): Hunter O’Shell, Shalee Bennett, John Gummo and Dominic Tonatore.

Jarrett Taneyhill, News Editor

On Monday February 22 and February 23, the following ninth grade students attended Jr. High County Band at Spring Cove School District:

Alanna Vaglica, David Miller, Brenden McCaulley, Alex Foose, Dominic Tornatore, Shalee Bennet, Willie Williams, Dominick Faith, Tanner Turnbaugh, Jonathon Gummo, Hunter O’Shell, and Lordin Williams.

The overall experience of the students was a good one.

I got to play with a large group of musicians who I also made friends with.

— Hunter o'Shell

“The experience was quite nice. Many of the people there cared about music, meaning we sounded great.  Sometimes people were nervous to meet, but you make a lot of friends,” said Alex Foose.

“I got to learn off of musicians I’ve never met before,” explained Brendan McCaulley.

“I thought the experience was awesome! The music we played was both melodic and fast.  My favorite song was the star wars music. It was so fun to play,” said Dominic Tornatore.

The students also explained that county band bettered them personally as a musician, and allowed them to make friends.

“I got to play with a large group of musicians who I also made friends with,” said Hunter.

“I learned how to work with others when it comes to music. I also got to experience what it is like ti be in a large band,” said Dominic.

Band Director Mr. Sachse said such a big group of musicians attending County Band as freshman bodes well for the band program. In the past, he said, he’s has sent eighth graders to fill out the roster.

The students seemed to have a wonderful experience with the county band. Congratulations to all who made the county band.