Student Teacher Feature: Ms. Pecile


Joe Padula

Ms. Pecile went to high school in Hazleton.

This month’s B-A Blueprint feature teacher of the month is Mr. Naylor’s student teacher and Penn State Student Ms. Pecile. Ms. Pecile has been student teaching at B-A for a few months and plans on continuing her student teaching next month when she will be going abroad and teach in Australia.

So far at Bellwood-Antis it is safe to say Ms. P has enjoyed her time teaching her.

“I like teaching here at Bellwood-Antis it is a great school with great students who are always willing to learn,” explained Ms. Pecile

Ms. Pecile has plans on continuing teaching when she is done with her student teaching stint and receives her teaching degree.

“After I am done with my student teaching here at B-A I will be traveling to Australia and student teach again for six more weeks. After I return back to the U.S. I will receive my degree in teaching by the end of August and at that point I will begin applying for teaching jobs.”

Although there are some similarities the differences is what stands out more when comparing Bellwood-Antis to where Ms. Pecile went to High School at Hazelton.

My favorite part about teaching is getting to know the students as people.”

— Ms. Pecile

“It is definitely a culture shock after I came to B-A. My old high school was very diverse and there was a lot of crime actually occurring during school, you won’t find that going on here at Bellwood-Antis.”

There is no denying that teachers face difficulties teaching but it may even be harder for a student teacher because there is additional work for them to complete outside of the classroom.

“The most challenging part wouldn’t be doing all the classroom stuff and actually teaching it would the stuff I have to do for my student teaching such as seminary classes and creating portfolios and folders for my teaching.”

There are many joys in teaching others but Ms. Pecile’s favorite part is getting to know her students.

“ My favorite part about teaching is getting to know the students as people.”