Super Seniors: Paige Watchey

The Senior With the Side Buzz


Most students just know her as the senior with the side cut. But how many of them can say that they know a lot about Paige Watchey?

In this interview Watchey reveals things about her life, inside and out of school, that few students know about her.
She’s the daughter of John and Rhonda Watchey and is involved with Tech Club and Track & Field in school. Outside of school she is a member of 4H, a horse and livestock club.

Senior Emiley Rickard, one of Paige’s close friends and classmates, said, “She’s a very outspoken person with a great personality. She isn’t afraid to express who she is, and that kind of personality intimidates people sometimes.”

She isn’t afraid to express who she is, and that kind of personality intimidates people sometimes.

— Emiley Rickard

BluePrint: What are your plans after graduation?
Paige: I’m going to South Hills School of Business and Technology for Graphic Design. I plan on moving toward my goal designing and filming.

BluePrint: Describe your experience at BAHS.
Paige: It has a really nice academic program. The teachers are really inspirational and pushed me to always do my best academically.

BluePrint: Which teachers have impacted you most and why?
Paige: Mrs. McNaul really helped me express my creativity better, Mr. McNaul because he’s just a really likeable person and Mr. McMinn because he has helped me get more organized with my work.

BluePrint: What is something the student body may not know about you?
Paige: Well, I used to do ballet and I have seven horses. I have one Quarter horse and six minis.

BluePrint: Who are some of your role models/idols and why?
Paige: I really admire Rob Zombie because everything he does is everything I aspire to be, he does movies and music. My mother is also one of my role models. She’s taught me to have patience and she’s just such a good person.

BluePrint: Favorite Movie?
Paige: Any James Bond movie with Sean Connery.

Blue Print: What is on your recently played list on your Ipod or MP3 Player?
Paige: Rob Zombie, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga.

Blue Print: Favorite Class?
Paige: History.

Blue Print: Favorite Food?
Paige: Hot wings.

Blue Print: Best BA Lunch?
Paige: Spaghetti with meat sauce.