Super Seniors: Friends Feature


Makala Doyle

Raegan Plowman and Caroline Taylor

This month’s Super Seniors Feature is of two friends who have been friends ever since fifth grade.


From football games and middle school dances to college decisions and senior prom, these two have countless of memories from high school that they say they will keep forever.

With the end of the year right around the corner, it is normally very stressful for most seniors to try to figure out a way to keep in contact with their friends. But when asked if graduating may affect their friendship, these two seniors didn’t seem to be worried at all.

“We will both be attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the fall”, said Raegan.”I want to make new friends at college, but I also want a sense of normalcy and sense of home while I am there. Caroline is a part of my family and it’ll be nice to have her near me when I’m in unfamiliar place.”

So instead of worrying about having to keep in touch with each other, they will be transitioning into college life together.

Caroline is a part of my family and it’ll be nice to have her near me when I’m in unfamiliar place”

— Raegan

“I agree with what Raegan said. I’m really excited to graduate and start something new, and I’m glad I will have a friend to experience it all with,” said Caroline. “We won’t have to worry about keeping contact because we will be seeing each other just about every day.”

Raegan plans on majoring in Criminology while Caroline will be going into Business.  They both agree that they will miss all of the times they have had with all of their friends, but they think that everyone is ready to move on from high school.

In just a few short weeks, seniors will be stepping out in their caps and gowns to receive their diploma. While moving on from the place they have lived at most of their lives will be hard, saying goodbye to childhood friends will be even harder. It will be difficult for most, but Raegan and Caroline won’t have to worry about saying goodbye.