Mrs. Reitz says goodbye


Cory Parson

Mrs. Reitz poses with the final 7th grade class of her career.

20 years down the road, how many of you will look at a hard recipe and remember something you learned Home Ec. that will help you succeed in making this food? Well according to Mrs. Reitz, that has been her goal all along.

She has tried to strive to teach kids lessons with cooking and sewing that will last a lifetime. After this year, Bellwood-Antis will have to say good-bye to one of the teachers that has been here the longest.

“Mrs. Reitz has helped me learn more about cooking and sewing this year,” said senior Noah D’Angelo. “These are tools that I can use in my life going forward.”

Mrs. Gail Reitz has been teaching for close to 28 years, but has decided to throw in the towel after the end of the 2015-16 season.

Reitz said that she will miss all of the people that impacted her life in the school. From students and teachers to custodians and administration, Mrs. Reitz will never forget about her family here at B-A.

“I will also miss the funny mishaps that happened during cooking labs,” said Reitz. “But one thing I won’t miss are all the accidental fire drills!”

No fear, Mrs. Reitz does plan on coming back to Bellwood to occasionally help in the Home Ec. Department after she retires.

Reitz chose this year to retire due to the health of her family.

“I have several family members that are in need of help,” said Reitz. “I don’t have the ability to help my family with the hours that I work on a daily basis.”

Mrs. Reitz is planning on living a peaceful life after retirement. She said that she wants to spend time with her family, along with gardening, sewing, and reading. She also wants to travel by visiting many of the National Parks. Last but not least, she wants to pick up some painting classes.