Band goes to Myers to inspire 4th grade students to play music


Jestelynn Heaton

Mr. Sachse and his high school band students give Myers kids a free show.

Jarrett Taneyhill, Staff Writer

This week, the Bellwood-Antis High School band went to Myers Elementary School to show students what playing in the band is all about.

The main purpose of these visits is to get young students interested in the band. Once they reach middle school, said Band Director Mr. Patrick Sachse, there are so many more activities to choose from, and band is not an option for them anymore.

It’s nice just to get them excited before they’re signed up for 100 other activities.

— Mr. Sachse

“It’s nice just to get them excited before they’re signed up for 100 other activities.  It’s hard to look at a high school student and say, ‘I know you have a job, and I know you play these three sports, but you’d have a lot of fun with a new hobby.’ When they start young, they are more open-minded,” said Mr. Sachse.

The young kids seem to enjoy watching the older kids play their instruments.

“I think it’s a good experience because some kids like music, and if they want to join band they can have an experience to play an instrument they’ve never played before,” said fourth grader Brooke Hescox.


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Mr. Sachse has seen a growth in young kids joining band since the high school band started going to the elementary school.

“I will be joining band,” said fourth grader Brady Brown.

“When we started doing this we got a huge spike in recruitment. We usually have a third of fourth grade signed up, which is way more than other schools get,” said Mr. Sachse.

Current high school band members Ben Emigh and Alanna Vaglica believe that band is a great experience and that the elementary children should enjoy it as well.

“I’ve had a lot of good experiences and have met new people,” said Alanna.

“It is really fun,” said Ben.

Overall, the band traveling to the elementary school really seems to be working.