French restaurant

John Kost, Staff Writer

The French club held its annual French restaurant in the gym lobby on November 3. Approximately 33 went to this event.

The French restaurant is a fundraiser for the French Club as well a learning experience for students to learn more about French cooking.

Mr. Van Scoyoc teams with the French Club officers and the Home Economics teacher, Mrs. Harris, to make a menu for the event. Freshman Brenin Abbot helped make one of the soups that were available and served as a waitress.

“We just had a lot of fun learning new things,” said Brenin.

Mr. Van Scoyoc later said  that “It is also an educational experience for the club members to learn about French cooking.”

The customers at this restaurant were served soups, including vegetable gumbo. The club also served entrées and desserts such as chicken and maple syrup pie. All of this was served with coffee and tea.